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Mark to the Rescue!

Okay, now here’s a little story to show how much out of the loop I can sometimes be: At the 2013 Recumbent Cycle Convention at the Los Angeles Country Fairplex in California, I was a presenter at the Trike Asylum booth, showcasing how recumbent tadpole trikes can be used for overland journeys. Sharing the area with me was Janet Buckwalter, who rode her trike more than 4,000 miles across the United States during 3 consecutive summers. David Massey, who accompanied me on the 2013 Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure was also present. It was a three-day affair chock full of recumbent bliss, a busy place with much to enjoy and learn.

2013 RCC (109)The Trike Asylum booth midday Saturday

Anyway, during two of the days, which are open to the public, Charles Coyne, the producer of the show, and publisher of Recumbent & Tandem Rider magazine, scheduled speakers on the hour in a small auditorium. He handed out speaker schedules at the lobby for everyone. Well, as it goes at these shows, everyone is running around taking it all in, and missing things here and there. I missed something rather important, and only found out at the last minute (through no one’s fault but my own).

2013 RCC (69)The Waters of Backcountry Recumbent Cycles in Bend, Oregon

Charles had spoken to me on Friday (industry professionals only day) about talking to the public attendees on Sunday, but then I simply got wrapped up in so many other things during the show that it slipped my mind. Well, fast forward to Sunday morning. The public is walking all around, and the exhibit hall and recumbent test riding areas are packed. I am talking to visitors to the booth, and walking outside to meet with manufacturers while David answered questions at the booth. While returning to the TA booth late morning, I quickly stopped to visit with my friend Mark Waters, who owns Backcountry Recumbent Cycles in Bend, Oregon.

2013 RCC (139)Talking with Mark Waters of Backcountry Recumbent Cycles, when he tells me about my presentation

Okay, so, as I’m about to leave, Mark tells me he will be attending my presentation on overland trike touring. I asked, “I’m giving a presentation?” He says I’m on from noon to 1:00 PM. “Thanks for that heads-up Mark!” I check the schedule upon returning to the TA booth, and sure enough, there I am, billed as a cross country touring expert. Now, this might present a problem for many people, not having a formal presentation all mapped out, but for an overland triker, who thrives on complete uncertainty from minute to minute, it was great news!

2013 RCC (123)Janet Buckwalter and her seasoned Greenspeed at her presentation on Saturday

I’m a “wing-it” type of fellow, something I have learned to pull off from a lifetime of doing it. So, a few minutes before noon, I gather up my laptop (showing the PCTA movie), Janet, her Greenspeed trike, and David’s Azub, and head on down to the auditorium. While pushing the trikes to the auditorium, I meet a couple other overland trikers, and drag them along for my introductory remarks, where I have us all up front, and relate to the audience that we all do this crazy thing on our trikes.

Mark Rackow Bent Up Cycling JournalWell, here I am, yakking away at those who will listen. David Massey’s Azub trike is to my left, my ICE trike is to my right, and Janet’s Greenspeed is behind the Azub. Photograph courtesy of Mark Rackow, publisher of My Bent Up Cycling Journal. Be sure to visit Mark’s journal website for some cool and fun trike stuff! He’s “crazy on three” for sure.

We had a great time at the show and presentation. I had to wrap it up at 1:00 PM however, because Bryan Ball of BROL (BentRider Online) was up next for his discussion on how recumbents are exactly like beer (see his book). Oh, you can also read about Janet’s journey in her book, One More Mountain.

2013 RCC (145)Bryan Ball of BentRider Online discusses recumbents and beer. Hope he doesn’t mind all my germs on that microphone next to his mouth (actually, I was pretty dog-gone healthy that day). Be sure to visit Bryan’s BROL website if you want to know ALL there is to know about all types of recumbent cycles, including those two-wheeled kind called bikes.

To view all the photos of this RCC event, click HERE.

PS: If you happen to be looking for a new trike to buy, Mark Waters is the “go to” guy for your answers! Gee, did I ever pick his brain at the show! He knows his stuff, and can offer up some great tips about human powered recumbent tadpole tricycles. Give Mark a call if you find yourself in his neck of the woods, and stop by to see his trike shop – he definitely loves to talk trikes! 1-541-323-3460

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