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Arkel GT-54 Pannier Solution

Well, I notice quite a few trikers heading over here from a link on Bentrider regarding Arkel GT-54 panniers, so I figured it would be expedient to post the specific links on Trike Asylum that speak to overland packing in panniers, and what to bring along. If you have just arrived from the BROL link, here is the information you seek (all three links are on this website):

Arkel TubeClick HERE to visit the Arkel website directly.

Click HERE to visit the Radical Design website directly.

NOTE: The red bags in the photo above are Arkel GT-54 panniers (54 liters volume total). The yellow bags are Radical Design side seat panniers (25 liters volume total). The black bag atop the rack is the Arkel TailRider trunk (11 liters volume). This pannier combination is more than ample cargo stowage space for any distance on an unsupported journey. If you can’t get what you want to bring along in this setup, you do not need to bring it – leave it home. The keyword is lightweight! Enjoy the ride!

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