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TerraCycle Adjustomatic Bottle Mount

The Recumbent Cycle Convention, which just occurred this past weekend, is a fantastic opportunity to see all the latest and greatest trikes and accessories anywhere in one place and at one time! Case in point: As many of you know, I had a home-built water bottle holder on my ICE Q mainframe that held two bottles instead of the usual one bottle. Many of you asked for details, seeing the value of an extra bottle of wet stuff on long hot days (it has saved my carcass more than once on my overland journeys). Since I don’t own the Q anymore, and am getting a new triangular steed, I needed to have the same two-bottle setup!

TerraCycle bottle holder 2Here is the new water bottle holder mounted on a TerraTrike.

Well, believe it or not, TerraCycle came to my rescue! TerraCycle now manufactures an Adjustomatic Bottle Mount that holds two water bottles. It is adjustable from 45 degrees forward to 45 degrees rearward, and sells for around forty-two dollars. The design is elegant, far more compact than the aluminum home-made job I had on the Q. All one has to do is buy two cages from the local bicycle shop, mount them on TerraCycle’s new holder, bolt it to the water bottle mounts on the trike, and presto – 2 bottles in easy reach all the time!

Of course, yours truly couldn’t pass up the acquisition of this slick device, so below you see it in my hand. Now, all I need is a trike so I can use it! Yep, I’m temporarily trike-less. Boo Hoo. But soon, things will change. Thanks to Pat at the booth for showing me this little gem.

TerraCycle Bottle HolderSimple design looks fantastic on a trike. Can’t wait to use it on my new ride!

Here is what the folks at TerraCycle have to say about themselves: “At TerraCycle, we design and make parts for recumbent bicycles right here in our shop in Portland, Oregon. But not just normal parts; we make parts that will make your ride better. We believe you can’t expect things to have soul if you simply pay someone in a factory far away to crank them out for you. We want all our parts, even our less expensive ones, to be more than just “very good.” We want them to be exceptionally satisfying to own and to use, to have an essence of the people and dreams that made them. From our amazingly adaptable Accessory Mounts to our worldclass Windwrap Fairings, our load-redefining Cargo Monster to our over 50 types of customizable Idler Kits, we make parts that you will love.

We are located in beautiful, rainy Portland, Oregon USA, on the west coast of North America. Our address is: TerraCycle, Inc. / 5726 SE Center / Portland, OR 97206 USA. Our time zone is Pacific Time, usually about GMT-8. Our hours are 9AM-6PM Pacific Time. Our phone numbers are: 1-800-371-5871 (North America) / +1 503-231-9798 (Outside North America)


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