Still going to tour!

A number of readers have wondered if I am exiting the overland triking model of life, seeing as how I am selling my trike and some of the accessories for trike touring. I suppose that might logically be one conclusion that could be drawn, especially since the two Arkel GT-52 panniers will be going to the new owner with the trike. If I were going to continue this overland gypsy lifestyle, how would I do it without those bags?

Well, this lifestyle has become a part of what keeps me vital and excited about living. Overland treks have a way of creeping silently into your blood. They realign your head with new ways of seeing life, and I like the results. Only those who go will know.

Yes, I will be getting a new trike, most likely this January once back north in Oregon, as there is no sales tax up there. The new trike will be considerably faster than my Q, and this puts destinations in reach more readily when considering whether to go. If you had an automobile with a top speed of 30 miles per hour, would you be as inclined to take it on distant trips compared to if you had a car with a top speed of 60? The mindset is the same for overland trikers, especially those who don’t own cars.

Regarding the sale of the Arkel GT-52 panniers (the ones I just had modified by shortening the really long tube on the rear of the right pannier), I have concluded I do not need so much storage volume anymore. I will be acquiring a set of waterproof panniers for the rear rack with a cargo volume more in the neighborhood of 40 liters rather than 52. So, gypsies, I’m still here –  just a little lighter and faster.

ICE Gypsy CampThe next overland journey will have a new trike and new rear rack panniers. The Arkel TailRider trunk and the Radical Design side seat pods will remain the same. Oh, and regarding the NEMO Obi one-person tent, that will most assuredly stay with me, for it is hands-down the best tent I’ve ever had (ultra light, and ultra fast to pitch and strike).

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About Wild Steve

Steve Greene is a naturalist, free thinker, and seeker of truth. He pursues absolute truth in all things, modifying his existence as supported by legitimate evidence. His ideological foundation rests on the respect of life, as he follows a path of health, serenity, and maximum functional longevity. He has authored eleven books, and is a noted authority on Death Valley National Park, human powered recumbent tricycle touring, health and fitness, and professional law enforcement. Steve has not owned a petroleum powered automobile since 2008, as part of his environmental preservation paradigm. He thrives on a whole food plant-based diet, exercises regularly (bodybuilding, hiking, cycling), and enjoys exploring the wilderness, beyond the bounds of human dominance. Harmony with nature tops his priorities.
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  1. Gary W. Bunting says:

    Observation: Your new 26-inch rear wheel will outdistance us 20-inchers and will no doubt leave us not only in the distance, but the distant past. Sad.

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