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Rust on the Pacific

There is an aspect of triking along the Pacific coast that did not occur to me prior to the recent Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure. Having lived at the beach now for nearly 19 years, I figured I had a good handle on what coastal living is like, from a triker’s perspective. I’ve been riding the Q around these parts for five years, and have never experienced this new issue.

Well, live and learn! On the PCTA, the trike was out in the elements of nature around the clock for 19 days, whereas at home, after a 50 mile day ride, the Q is quickly stashed in the garage. Maybe it was those foggy nights of coastal salt air, but I have two photos to show you of two areas where rust took hold during the overland journey. No other parts of the trike or gear had a problem.

The pedals and the drivechain suffered a prolonged attack of rapid oxidation. Bummer. I am glad no rust occurred anywhere else. On my inland journeys, rust has never been a consideration.

Chain Rust Pedal Rust


3 responses

  1. Jerry Forster

    Oh I know that feeling all too well. The same thing happened to our bikes when we biked from Baker Or. to Astoria. I later found rust in the holes of most of allen bolts as well. So do some fine checking. So CLR and a good brushing solved to problem. Glad to hear your trip was another success. Too bad David got sick. Hope is doing well and be up for the next one. Happy Travels friend.

    October 14, 2013 at 3:26 pm

  2. Hey there Jerry,
    Thanks for sharing! I guess I should have been covering that chain with heavy lube. The chain was old, the original from 2007, and needed to be replaced anyway, but I think that rust attack finally sent it over the brink, and was the final cause for my chain failure one morning on the PCTA. On my new trike, I think I’ll put the Shimano pedals that are like the PD 520s I have, but are made of some exotic metal, rather than these again. Yes, I was indeed sorry to see David go the morning of Day 6, as he is a very strong rider, and could have easily made the distance had no medical issue spoiled his day. He feels fine now, and has been back at work for a few weeks.

    October 14, 2013 at 7:15 pm

  3. Alonzo Savage (Trike rebel)

    Told you it was wise to take a cover. Our holiday in France was near the coast and our home made trike covers used each night kept our machines rust free.

    October 18, 2013 at 8:44 am