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Cargo Considerations

Trike touring season is quickly approaching, as we all watch the weather and rejoice in the ever increasing sunshine and warm temperatures. In the spirit of triking overland once again, two new pages have been added to Trike Asylum that deal specifically with: 1) what to bring on a long-haul trek and how to pack it, and 2) how to choose your touring trike. This new material is reprinted from The Overland Triker book.

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These two pages may be accessed under the “Trike Touring” main menu button on the silver menubar. They will get your mind contemplating what you may wish to carry along on your next journey, once you have purchased your trike, of course. Good luck!

Click HERE to visit the new cargo page.

Additionally, also under the “Trike Touring” menu, is a new page about how to choose your touring trike. There are many aspects to consider. On this page are a few for your brain.

Click HERE to visit the new choosing a trike page.


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