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Save Your Feet!

I ran some posts during the course of the past year about shoes and feet. I mentioned using gel forefoot inserts under my insoles to help cushion the pressure from the pedals. I have since found this to be a colossal error in judgment. I have created a new page just about feet and shoes because this aspect of distance triking is critical and must be considered in depth by any serious overland cyclist. I receive many inquiries about feet and shoes, and there are several posts on TA that can be accessed by using the search box in the sidebar, however I wished all the information to be quickly accessible on one page. The new page is called “Feet” and is now in the main silver menubar above. If you have any foot issues, or are looking for some tips, please visit the page, which also contains an extended excerpt from my book, The Overland Triker.

Shoe Cleat Placement 2


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