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Catrike Road Review

This past August, the managing editor for BentRider Online, Bryan Ball, evaluated the 2012 Catrike Road with the new suspension system. This puts Catrike into the realm of the super comfy trikes for long haul trikers – great to soak up the road’s irregularities instead of absorbing them in one’s spinal column. Below is the opening paragraph of Bryan’s assessment. To read the article in its entirety, click HERE to be transported to the BROL website.

Catrike Road



Managing Editor

Catrike makes some of the most highly regarded tadpole trikes in the world. They’re light, fast, stiff, handle well and the ride is… well… sometimes not that great actually. This isn’t a knock against Catrike. When you make a trike that is designed to be light and stiff, there will be a few trade offs. In the pursuit of light weight and performance, the Florida-based manufacturer has created a few models that weren’t exactly magic carpet smooth. Catrike has attempted to address this foible with the new 2012 Catrike Road and its rear suspension system. (read full story)


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