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Motel Luxury

Now, I’m the type of overland triker who clearly prefers the wild places to spend my nights, but on occasion my brain, what’s left of it anyway, determines my best interests would be served by paying a lot of money to someone who owns a lot of pricey real estate. This happens sometimes if no convenient campground or roadside pullout happens by at the precise moment when it’s time to sleep, or if I’m soaked from an afternoon rain storm and need shelter to overcome my hypothermia. This photo was taken prior to sunrise as I made my escape from the bounds of a motel in Lone Pine, California. It was also the start of a day that ended 122 miles farther down the road, something I did not plan ahead of time. Good thing I got a lavish night’s sleep!


2 responses

  1. Over in the UK we’ve had a few days of good weather after what seems like months of rain. And guess what? Yup, I’m struck with a dose of flu (Man-flu my wife calls it).

    So I have to come to your blog and live vicariously through your writing! Keep it up :)

    This picture sums up the trepidation you feel when you’re about to set off on an adventure. The cool, still peace of the morning. No traffic. Bliss.

    July 23, 2012 at 5:49 am

  2. Hey there Nigel – Keeping up a website like this, with regular blog posts, always requires decisions about what readers want to read and see. Sometimes I stick to the nuts and bolts of the latest trike or accessory, and sometimes I just let my thoughts take me out on the road, with little stories and a photo. It seems like many readers enjoy the little stories. I know they are fun to write, and allow me to just be me, with all my bizarre thought-waves. Living vicariously is fun. Oscar Wilde once said that when we are safe at home, we wish we were out having an adventure, and when we are out having an adventure, we wish we were safe at home. I have felt his sage musings deeply within myself, as I am sure any serious adventurer will likely realize also. I’ve been off in the wilds, hiking for a while lately, and away from computers, thus my responses today (late in coming). Summers find me posting in advance, so often when you read a post, it was written weeks before so that I can find the freedom of those marvelous footpaths of life, out in the forests and hidden places on our inviting living planet. -Steve

    July 24, 2012 at 12:06 pm