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Excellent Triking Socks

In The Overland Triker book, I discussed what to look for in a triker’s socks. No, not athlete’s foot, but rather how the sock is constructed and how it serves the purpose for a trike rider who puts on a fair amount of mileage on a regular basis. As I was finishing up the manuscript, I had been testing quite a number of potential candidates based upon my own quirky set of guidelines, and as the book went off to the publisher, it contained information about socks I now wish to update.

My recommendation in the book was the Thorlo moderate cushion Light Hiking sock, which was light enough to easily fit into cycling shoes, and it also dries quickly if washing while on an overland trike journey. One of my main criteria for choosing a triking sock is that the top elastic band not be too constrictive due to the fact that trikers have their feet in a position while pedaling that is not conducive to blood flow to the nerves and toes. Any tight banding around the leg further complicates this already negative tendency. The Thorlo Light Hiker is a good choice, but does leave a noticeable mark around the leg after a day of wearing.

I now wear, and recommend, the Wigwam Diabetic Sport Crew socks, a special non-binding sock constructed for diabetic people. It is very similar to the Thorlo Light Hiker in how it feels, but the top band is far less constrictive, and after a day’s use, does not leave a horizontal imprint on the leg (only very slight vertical ridges that have little to no affect on blood circulation to the toes).  This sock is now my favorite, having worn many different kinds in search for what allows the most blood flow to nerves while pedaling. This is the one to go and get several pair to have on an overland journey!

My choice was the black version, but you can also get them in white. I found them in a local shoe store. They are a specialty sock made for a specific medical condition, and thus may not be available everywhere. Even though I am not diabetic by any means, the sock serves me well. Wigwam should call the product Triker Sport Crew instead. The socks are made in the USA, as are the Thorlo socks. Both are cushioned crew socks for active people, and both are equally comfortable to wear.

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One response

  1. Larry Graves

    I concur with your comments re diabetic socks. Very comfortable and no indentation from a too tight top band. The local Super Walmart carries them in crew and calf length.

    May 28, 2012 at 5:31 am