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Park Tool

In case you hadn’t noticed, the weather is looking up lately, or if it isn’t for you, then comment here and tell us all where you live on the planet that yet remains in the grips of winter. In any event, if you don’t already have a good stash of trike tools, I know the perfect place to find them.

Visit Park Tool and discover some of the finest trike tools available to trike pilots! Now, I realize that the website talks about “bikes”, those unstable and uncomfortable vehicular manifestations that we like to ignore here at Trike Asylum, but hey, the tools (or at least most of them) work perfectly on trikes too. Park Tool has a newly redesigned website that is very user friendly and fun to look at as you learn all the things you need.

During your buying frenzy, keep in mind that you need “garage” tools for repairs and upgrades done at home, and also “road” tools that you will stash in your panniers for repairs out on your overland journey. This company also has a complete bike repair book, most of which also applies to trikes. Yes, I know the world is prejudiced about bicycles, and even some trikers I know call their trike a bike (Oh, the shame), but it’s okay because it keeps all us dedicated trike pilots in a unique and elite corps to call our own. Can we help it that all the two wheelers don’t know what they are missing as they smugly dismiss our three wheels as only for slow old people who can’t walk?

Okay, enough of this elite and smug trike talk, lest I make even more enemies. Go visit Park Tool and leave a comment that they need some TriCycle photos scattered about their online presence!



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  1. Alonzo L Savage

    Yeh! like if I win this weeks uk lottery I’ll invest.
    My multi-tool has already lost the pin for the chain splitter,
    it just fell out and was lost in the grass.

    September 19, 2011 at 11:57 am