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Davert Trike Rack

Direct from Hostel Shoppe comes this news about the Davert trike rack for those of you who still own a car and wish to take your trike along with you somewhere: 

a Greenspeed GTR trike on the rack

Davert – Trike Rack

The Davert Rack is temporarily unavailable due to quality control issues. For a good alternative for tadpole trikes, please refer to the Alpaca Double Tadpole rack and the Draftmaster Trike Racks.

Transport your trike easily and safely with our best selling trike rack. Davert has developed versions of the 3 Wheel Carrier to transport 30″ to 50″ wheelbase tadpole trikes and 40″ to 70″ wheelbase delta trikes. Designed to keep the rack from bottoming out when driving through all but the most extreme dips in the road surface. We haven’t found a situation where the rack bottoms out on the back of our Saab and we’ve checked out some serious dips. (In the road – that is.)

Easy to assemble and install.

Bright color for excellent visibility.

Adjustable for weight balance.

Reversible for your convenience.

All three wheel cradles are independently adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of wheel bases and wheel tracks.

Each wheel is locked down securely with safety retainers.

Additional hidden safety features have been incorporated into the design of the adjustable wheel cradles. In the event that the locking bolts are not properly secured, the wheel cradles will remain in the assembly.

The hitch assembly is available for 1 1/4″ and 2″ receiver adaptors.

Manufacturer: Davert

Product Notes:

Payload capacity of all Davert racks is 65 lbs. All new Davert racks with model #’s TC001 and TC002 will work with both class 1 and 2 receiver hitches, however the Davert carriers are designed and tested for a Class 2 hitch and it is the responsibility of the consumer to confim that the gross weight of the rack plus trike will work with their Class 1 hitch before installation (check your specific vehicle hitch manual or with your auto dealer). The TC004 is only designed to accept the Class 2 hitch and does not have any provisions to accept the Class 1 hitch. Davert does not recommend using the carrier with the Class 1 hitch due to the various Class 1 vehicle manufactures tongue weight requirements and indivuals loads and can only guarantee the Class 2.

Hostel Shoppe Price: $329.00


One response

  1. Gary W. Bunting

    Hello Steve,

    As you know, I have a Davert Trike Rack (I know…I still owe you some pics of it installed and loaded up on the Xterra) that I purchased from The Hostle Shoppe some months ago. I am unaware that they are having quality issues at their manufacturing plant, as I have found no such issues with my trike rack from them.

    I will say that yes, although the YELLOW color (you know how partial I am to that!!!) is a very serious safety plus, the paint is hard, and very prone to chipping. So…anyone who owns one of thier racks should seriously consider having a supply of touch-up paint (Catrike sells a small bottle of YELLOW touch-up paint that I bought for my trike, that nearly exactly matches the rack color and applies easily with the brush-in-the-cap that comes with the bottle) to deal with this problem. Otherwise, the rack is very easy to set up for your trike dimensions and installation into the receiver on your auto’s triailer hitch receiver.

    I drive a 2003 YELLOW Nissan Xterra 4×4 with a 2-inch receiver on the factory hitch. The Davert Trike Rack mounts easily and perfectly to the vehicle hitch. Oh yes…another small issue: the hitch locking pin that Davert supplies is too small in diameter. It rattles around a bit. I simply used the hitch pin that was supplied by Nissan for their factory hitch and it works perfectly. Anyone not having the correct pin can easily find one for purchase at your local Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot, or at a local trailer hitch shop.

    Although a bit expensive (but worth it, I believe), I am perfectly satisfied with this hitch rack. It fits my vehicle with no problem of overhang on the sides (it’s almost invisible in the rear view mirrors – just a bit on each side, which is desireable to insure that it’s still there), remains secure during transporting my 2010 Catrike ROAD, and provides for reliable lockdown of the trike wheels – YELLOW BEAST (my trike) absolutely does not move during transport.

    I totally feel that Davert has done a good job with this product. It is well-thought-out and the design is strong and reliable. It is not “pretty”, it is functional, as it should be. As safety additions, I have applied Nathan’s YELLOW safety reflective strips all over the rack at about 6-inch intervals, to be sure that motorists see it at night.


    July 6, 2011 at 6:47 am