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Underground Triker

Dan Price is not your ordinary trike pilot. For that matter, Dan Price is not your ordinary human. Dan Price has taken opting out of the status quo to the extreme.

So, of course, he must ride a trike!

Not too long ago, in a land far away, Dan decided to see a good portion of the United States, beginning at his home in the far  northeastern landscape of remote Joseph, Oregon. But, he wanted to see it in a way that only us crazy trike pilots can, a few inches off the ground. So, he acquired a TerraTrike Tour and hit the road. He pedaled to western Oregon, then south to near the Mexican border, and then east along the southern portion of the country, all the way to the tip of Florida. It was an adventure that took this intrepid fellow over 4500 miles, and plunged him headlong into one exciting episode after another.

Dan on his epic cross-country journey

Dan is also a writer, authoring an ongoing series of little homemade and hand drawn books called the Moonlight Chronicles. So it isn’t surprising that this entire journey was documented by him. He is quite the artist, and his drawings are worth the price of admission by themselves. Since he rode a TerraTrike on this unbelievable trek, that company also features his adventures on their website, including a cool ten minute video that you are sure to enjoy.

There’s something else you might be interested in knowing about Dan. He lives in the ground, in structures that he built himself on two wooded acres of land that he leases for $100 per year. He has a tiny hobbit styled house, a sauna, and a workshop where he publishes his books. His goal is to be easy on his environment. He even has a little trike garage built from materials found in nature around his abode, which is also all natural.

This is one fascinating and inspirational fellow!

Dan’s TerraTrike in his miniature garage

Dan Price is also a very helpful guy. He happily helped me prepare for my own trike trek last year from the Oregon coast to Death Valley, both by spending time with me on the telephone bringing me up to speed on triking overland, and also by sending me the three Moonlight Chronicle issues that documented his entire trip. Once you learn more details, you’ll either appreciate tremendously what Dan has accomplished, or think that he’s gone over the deep end … but of course, haven’t all trike pilots gone over?

Learn more from an author who met Dan and wrote a little story about him HERE.


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