Arkel Panniers

All trike pilots who head off cross country, whether it be a couple hundred miles or several thousand, need a means to store supplies for the trip. The good news is that recumbent tadpole trikes offer many ways to do this, as the area above and on the sides of the rear drive wheel are perfect for locating a rack, upon which panniers and trunks can be placed. According to Wikipedia, a pannier “is a basket, bag, box, or similar container, carried in pairs either slung over the back of a beast of burden, or attached to a bicycle or motorcycle.” The tricycle makes a perfect platform, because fully loaded with panniers, it does not become less stable like a heavily burdened bicycle tends to do.

There are a number of companies that produce quality storage solutions for overland trikers wanting to experience the great wilds of the Earth up close and personal. They include such names as Arkel, Ortlieb, Topeak, Axiom, Radical Design, and others. The selection is large enough to make your head spin, so how do you know which combination will work best on your own trike? The preferred method obviously is to personally inspect every company’s offering at stores, to see just how well they’re made, whether they will actually fit on your rack, if the zippers work well, along with other things like: Are they waterproof? Some trike pilots are not living where stores carry a decent selection of these speciality items, if they even carry them at all, so we have to rely on what others tell us after reading all the advertisements meant to talk us into a particular brand.

Like everyone else, I did my homework to determine what I should order online. The small local bike shop had a selection for people who rode around the town and took day rides into the mountains, but not the really roomy kind that I needed for my trek to Death Valley. I had a large order I was about to place with Hostel Shoppe, which included a pair of red Ortlieb waterproof panniers, but prior to placing the request with the Wisconsin-based recumbent store, my local friend Matt Jensen asked if I would like to purchase his nearly new set of Arkel GT-54 panniers. He had used them on only one trip, so they were in perfect condition. He also told me that these panniers were among the best money could buy. Well, since they were right there in front of me to inspect, and knowing of Arkel’s stellar reputation as the best, I shelled out $300 and snatched them up (that was a “second hand” price, as the new ones are more).

I was not disappointed in the slightest! The Arkel GT-54s are simply outstanding and well thought out by the designers. Since I am now intimately familiar with these fine cargo containers, I will place information from the company website below for you to read up on them in the event you too are searching out a high quality option that will get you over the road in style.  These panniers have 54 liters of volume. The GT-54s attach to the side of the rack. I liked them so well that upon my return from the trip, I went ahead and sold my existing trunk (the one that sits atop the rack between the side panniers), and acquired an Arkel TailRider instead. After the GT-54 information below, you will also find the TailRider specs, which include 11 liters of storage volume. The combination of these two solutions offers room to carry most everything you’ll need on a trip. Arkels are made in Canada, and the people there are very helpful when you communicate with them.

Along side the seat of my Q is space that otherwise sits wasted, so I filled it with Radical Design’s Lowracer side pod panniers, which drape over the seat and provide another 25 liters of storage. Radical Design is made in Holland, for use anywhere on Earth, and they have several options for trikers. Like the folks at Arkel, the Radical Design people are great. Both companies respond to emails readily, and can answer any questions that you still have after speaking with local dealers or visiting online. With all of these containers combined, my cargo capacity offers 90 liters of storage, enough for any well planned ride into the wilds.

So, this page is devoted to trike cargo solutions that have worked exceptionally well for me. I feel confident featuring these products on Trike Asylum because I have used them in real life in real touring conditions. I am not saying there aren’t others that can do the job just as well, as reputations among other companies run high, but since I have not tried them, I cannot personally endorse them. Experience is the best teacher. What I can say is that the following products will get the job done well.

Arkel GT-54 website. Arkel TailRider website. Radical Design Lowracer website.

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In a nutshell:
The flagship of the Arkel line, the GT-54’s are simply the best touring panniers available. With features like a removable tube for carrying your sleeping pad and tent poles, a convertible fanny pack and specialty pockets, the GT-54’s are absolutely unique and are a gem of functionality. An internal aluminum frame supports the load and the full-length zippers give you complete access to your gear. The GT-54’s come with a fully waterproof, integrated liner bag inside the main compartment. Designed to go the distance, the GT-54’s are ready for whatever the road has to offer.

The GT-54 is our workhorse touring model, with an overabundance of features and amenities born of experience on the road. Arkel went further than the common “bag” in which you cram gear like there’s no need to retrieve it. We understand the need for organization when we’re on the road for weeks on end, living out of our panniers; the need to find a tool quickly, or to know that the sleeping mattress is well protected from the weather. Every detail comes from on-the-road experience, and the result will enhance your own touring.   1 – Tube Pocket
2 – Removable Butterfly Pocket
3 – Internal configuration
4 – Pockets and lots of details
5 – Safety on all fronts
6 – Removable fanny pack
Asymmetrical design
Most other panniers on the market are made symmetrical – it’s easy, just flip the pattern. At Arkel, we know that some features need to be there only once. As form must follow function, our panniers ended up being slightly different from the right side to the left side. Some features are distinctive, like the tube pocket for a sleeping mattress (no need for two) or the Flip Flop pocket for a toiletry kit (who’s carrying two toothbrushes?). The result is a distinctive, well-designed pannier that is made to fit your needs. 
Click to enlarge
100% Waterproof Liner in Main Compartment
As Shakespeare said: “To be waterproof or not to be waterproof, that is the question”! How do you combine the advantages of multiple functional zippered pockets with total waterproofness? We achieved the absolute best of both worlds by adding a 100% waterproof liner inside the whole main compartment of the GT-54’s. The liner is made of a lightweight, fully waterproof, polyurethane coated nylon. The zippers on the liner allow for full frontal access of the main compartment in the same fashion as the front panel of the bag itself. Frontal opening of the main compartment allows for easy access and functional organization of the contents. Still, come the monsoon rains, your belongings will be kept absolutely dry. Moreover, there are essentially no problems of moisture and mildew associated with roll-top type watertight bags. Indeed, the best of both worlds, for you to enjoy!
Click to enlarge
Dual zipper sliders
Dual zipper sliders provide frontal access to the inside. The liner is bolted through the back plate and can be removed by simply undoing the bolts. The bright yellow color of the liner helps locate things in low light.
Click to enlarge
No need for the liner while riding across the Gobi Desert?
You can quickly stash the liner away by rolling it up to the ceiling of the main compartment and hooking it up with the elastic loops sewn at the top. The liner takes no space and is completely out of the way.
Click to enlarge
Separate the clean from the dirty?
You want to separate your clean set of clothes from your dirty socks, shoes even wet towel? Everything can be stowed in the main compartment but the clean stays clean inside the liner while the rest stays outside, awaiting the perfect timing for a stop at a Laundromat along the way!
Click to enlarge
Tube Pocket
Unique to Arkel, the tube pocket is the feature that is most noticed by our customers. Carrying long items, such as a sleeping pad or tent poles has always been somewhat of a problem. The tube pocket allows you to carry these items securely inside. This makes the whole system easier to use and protects your gear more than just strapping it on top of the rack. It is removable for those days when you don’t need it.
Click here to learn more about how it works
Click to enlarge
Removable Butterfly Pocket
A pocket that opens like butterfly wings, is located on the left hand side pannier. The wings conceal and hold a two-way zippered, removable pouch that is useful for storing necessities like a tool kit, a first aid kit or a toiletry kit. The pouch can be carried on the belt of the Fanny Pack pocket – or left at home if not needed. The space behind the butterfly pocket creates a very handy and quick-access compartment to store small items like gloves or a map. The wings can also be used to cinch a rain jacket or the like.
Click here to learn more about how they work
Click to enlarge
Internal configuration
A bag is a bag, right? At Arkel, we beg to disagree. While the GT-54 is full of outside amenities, the inside isn’t neglected either. An aluminum internal frame and a rigid bottom shelf (quite unique!) prevent sagging. It also allows the panniers to fold flat for closet storage. The outside has the looks, but the inside is where the living takes place.
Click here to learn more about the inside
Click to enlarge
Pockets and lots of details!
There are countless details on an Arkel bag. The pockets feature our unique Smiley Zippers for the widest access ever in the corners. Each YKK zipper has die-cast nickel sliders with full metal tabs, and we added our own pull tabs.
Click here to learn more about functional pockets
Click to enlarge
Safety on all fronts
It’s easy to skimp on safety. It doesn’t add to a bag’s sex appeal and is usually not a selling point in stores. But we ride at night or in the rain and fog and we know that being seen is critical. For that reason, the GT-54 has reflective ribbons on all exposed sides so no matter what direction the car (or logging truck) is coming from, your visibility will be enhanced. When riding at night, be sure and use a strong headlight as well as rear and side lights/reflectors.
Click here to see all facets
Click to enlarge   Removable Fanny pack
While touring, taking a shower is not optional! Strong of that knowledge, we went on to create a pocket that is quick to grab and fun to use. Moreover, it’s also a fanny pack if you need it!
Click here to see its transformation
Click to enlarge
No hazardous mishaps
A pannier has to be used and mishaps will happen, like forgetting to close a zipper, or to buckle a strap. At Arkel, we go to great lengths to make sure that an unbuckled strap will not fall down into the wheel. It calls for a lot of stabilization, but it’s worth it. Here you can clearly see the compression strap totally unclipped. As you can see, it would be impossible for the webbing to get anywhere close to the rear wheel. Simple, but rarely done by anyone else. 
GT-54 tube pocket
Click to enlarge Sized for convenience
The pocket measures 24″ long and 5.75″ in diameter, big enough to accommodate most self-inflating sleeping mattresses, but not all of them. Please take a moment to verify that yours will fit. We also recommend that you roll the tent poles inside the mattress, it will protect the poles against damage and will keep the pocket stiff at all times.
Click to enlarge Upper safety strap
The tube pocket is attached with 2 strips of industrial strength Velcro combined with a safety strap at the top to safeguard in case of an accident. Compressing the strap also minimizes sway, which enhances riding enjoyment.
Click to enlarge Lower compression strap
A strap, starting right at the back of the tube pocket, wraps around it for optimum compression and stabilization. Note that the Velcro strips go all the way down. It would be difficult to make it more stable than that.
Click to enlarge Well stabilized lower strap
The strap is fed through a loop-lock at the front of the pocket, which serves two purposes. Keeping the compression as close to the pocket as possible and in case the strap is left unbuckled it will never fall down into your spokes.
Click to enlarge Adjustable height
The tube pocket is mounted on Velcro, so the height is adjustable if you need more ground clearance. This may be of particular interest to recumbent riders or people using their mountain bikes for off-road touring.
Click to enlarge Hidden pocket
A hidden pocket is located behind the tube pocket towards the bottom. This is a perfect place to stash tent poles, a pump or even a packable fishing rod!
Click to enlarge Removable pocket
The pocket is removable, which allows you to bring it inside the tent for packing / rolling the sleeping mattress, or when stuffing the panniers in a plastic bag for airline transits. Note how the Velcro flaps close and leave a clean looking bag.
Click to enlarge Commuting panniers
With the tube pocket removed, the GT-54’s become excellent commuting panniers set for daily use. It is even possible to remove the Butterfly pocket for a more streamlined set up.
Back to features
GT-54 removable butterfly pocket
Click to enlarge Located at the front
A “butterfly pocket” is located on the main panel of the pannier (left-hand side), making it easy to access at all times. It is perfect for a first aid kit, tool kit or toiletry kit, things you may want to have handy at anytime when touring.
Click to enlarge Hidden openings
The space behind the butterfly pocket is ideal to stash quick-access items – sun lotion, spare change, you decide.
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Good for stuffing gloves
If you’re anything like us, gloves are the first things we remove once off the bike. That pocket is our preferred spot to stash them.
Click to enlarge Opening a Butterfly
A strap & clip cinch the butterfly pocket closed, and allows adjustment for the volume at the same time, which is great for compression.
Click to enlarge Wide access
The Butterfly pouch pocket is easily accessible, and it has wrap-around zippers for the ultimate ease in opening and organizing. Bandages or tools can be neatly stored.
Click to enlarge Removing the Butterfly Pouch
The Butterfly pouch is held in place on the shell with a wide Velcro strip. That strip actually doesn’t hold the load – it simply keeps the inner pocket from sliding sideways. When the Butterfly is open, just pull on the pouch to remove it.
Click to enlarge Pocket on its own
Removing the pocket allows you to take it where you need it for a bike repair or to put some ointment on a rash. The back of the pocket has a loop that allows it to be carried on a belt for trips away from the bike.
Click to enlarge Stash a jacket there!
Here’s a great idea: use the wings of the butterfly pocket to hold a wet jacket, to carry a drawing tube to school, or any other items that you may not want to put inside the panniers. Use your imagination! Back to features
GT-54 internal configuration
Click to enlarge TFL zippers (Total Front Loading)
Not a company to cut corners, we designed the zippers (the strongest industrial zippers on the market with die-cast nickel sliders) to zip/unzip all the way to the bottom. The access is wide open for easy loading.
Click to enlarge Internal aluminium frame
To support the shape of the panniers there is an internal aluminium frame. It is so simple yet so strong that we guarantee it for life. The frame folds flat when you want to store the panniers for the winter.
Click to enlarge Pocket inside the panel
The inner side of the door flap received a special Arkel treatment. Notice the lining on the front panel – it allows you to stash maps or papers. They are kept flat, well protected, and easy to access. Isn’t that great?
Click to enlarge View of the system
Here’s a nice view of how the whole system interacts. Even when the main panel is open, the pannier retains its full integrity. The solid shelf at the bottom of the panniers is also noteworthy. No matter the load in the bag, the bottom will never sag.
Back to features
GT-54 pockets and lots of details
Click to enlarge Smiley Zippers!
Many of our pockets have a peculiar zipper path that curves like a smile. Our unique Smiley Zippers offer not only the largest access you can get, from one corner to the other, but they also keep a wall of fabric all around so even if someone forgets to close the zipper, the content will not spill out! Very nifty!
Click to enlarge Road map pocket
Would you have thought that even the upper pocket of the GT-54 was designed with a purpose? The dimensions are perfectly sized to make it a bed for road maps. Thanks to the frame of the panniers, it keeps them flat and readily accessible.
Click to enlarge Rear pocket
It is important in a rear pocket not to spill the contents when it is open. Our Smiley Zipper and compression strap makes it handy and secure, as the content will never fall off even when left open!
Click to enlarge Fuel bottle pocket
The rear pocket of the right side pannier is designed around a large fuel bottle for a camping stove. Of course, you can always use it for something else – we particularly like stuffing a spare pair of shoes in there.
Click to enlarge Chunky zipper sliders
Look at those sliders – the strongest available. They’re made of die-cast nickel (not painted, which is less durable) and they sport a full metal pull tab. It is much easier to grab than a piece of string, is less prone to wear and tear and, it works more easily in the corners for a longer overall life.
Click to enlarge Pull tabs even on the smaller zippers
Those sliders are the smallest we use. Notice that they’re still dual opposable heads (to cut wear in half) and have our full dual grosgrain pull tabs which help locate the zippers and are easy to grab with gloves. Back to features
GT-54 safety on all fronts
Click to enlarge On rear pocket
The beauty of the reflective band on the rear pocket is that it follows the curve of the pocket, meaning that it will show reflectivity in a multitude of angles – even through the wheel’s spokes.
Click to enlarge On the front of the panniers
Reflectors on the front of the panniers work great when you are turning a corner and a car is coming towards you.
Click to enlarge On the side of the panniers
Side visibility is the most important. We install a wide band on the lower pocket, where it can be wide and continuous. Notice on the preceding pictures how that band wraps on the sides, adding more to the overall visibility.
Click to enlarge Reflective bands at night.
You will not go unnoticed at night. Back to features
GT-54 removable flip flop fanny pack
Click to enlarge Right there in front of you
The Fanny Pack pocket is always right there in front of you attached to the front of the right side pannier. It is distinguished by its the flap that wraps around the body of the pocket.
Click to enlarge Removing the pocket
While the Fanny Pack can be used and accessed like any other pocket while on the pannier, it’s also easy to remove as you need. It is held by an upper and lower strip of Velcro rated at nearly 500 pounds of shear strength – but easy to tear off when you get the hang of the motion. The pannier can be used without the pocket if it suits you.
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Fanny Pack in its grandeur
The Fanny Pack pocket is simple and elegant. Nothing fancy nor frivolous, just good sense.
Click to enlarge Ready as a fanny pack
The Fanny Pack also makes a great travel wallet, as long as you don’t forget it and leave it on the top of a pay phone! Back to features

* * * * * * *


Click to enlarge

Attaching the Tail Rider: Step 1
The thick side of the Tail Rider should face forward. Open the velcro bands and wrap under and around the side tubes of your rack.

Click to enlarge

Attaching the Tail Rider: Step 2
Pull the velcros® evenly and tightly on each side of the bag, press to make sure they engage firmly.

Click to enlarge

Attaching the Tail Rider: Step 3
Repeat the process with the rear bands, as with the front velcros®. Open the bands and wrap under and around the side tubes of your rack.

Click to enlarge

Attaching the Tail Rider: Step 4
Pull the velcros® evenly and tightly on each side of the bag, press to make sure they engage firmly.

Click to enlarge

Not very complicated, is it? Don’t worry, it holds very tight. If you want to carry side panniers with the Tail Rider, it’s better to hook the panniers first, or to loosen the velcros® before hand.

Click to enlarge

Integrated rain cover
The Tail Rider comes with an integrated rain cover incase you’re caught under hard rain. By itself the bag will easily resist the rain a few hours, but for longer rides a rain cover will also keep the Tail Rider clean and dry!

Click to enlarge

Easy to pull over!
The rain cover is sewn in into its own pocket. Just grab under the front flap and pull it out and over the Tail Rider. There’s also some reflective material for night riding!

Click to enlarge

Padded handle
Find a nicely neoprene padded handle, centered on the bag. The handle is attached on 2 compression straps to keep the bag tight, and we designed the whole system so that it’s not in the way when you open the bag!

Click to enlarge

Tab for a LED rear light
Not only does the Tail Rider feature a lot of reflective bands everywhere, there’s also a tab at the rear to hook a flashing LED light. Safety has no price.

Click to enlarge

D-rings for a shoulder strap
At the rear of the bag we located 2 D-Rings so you can clip a shoulder strap for easy carrying when off the bike.
(Shoulder strap is optional and is not included with the TailRider)

Click to enlarge

Vertical shape
It might seem weird at a first glance that the bag is being carried vertically, but if you think about it for a second it makes sense. It’s close to your body and will not keep hitting everything or turn over by itself.
(Shoulder strap is optional and is not included with the TailRider)

Click to enlarge

Expansion bellow
We though about trunk bags a long time before coming up with this expansion bellow. Most bags expand like a tower and the bags end collapsing sideways. We rather made the expansion sideways! It is in fact such a natural process when the bag is “over stuffed”!

Click to enlarge

How much can you stuff?
How many trunk bag do you know that can swallow a whole helmet – and not even talking about still having space for more?! Since the Arkel Tail Rider expands sideways it can do just that, and more! The use the side pockets to carry still even more, and if push comes to shove, use the compression straps on top to cinch that extra thing. The Tail Rider may look small, but it isn’t!

Click to enlarge

Side pockets
Two side pockets are incredibly handy for small items like keys, glasses, wallet, cell phone, suntan lotion or anything else you need in a jiffy. The zip is l-o-n-g so it’s easy to access the content!

Click to enlarge

Taller than it looks
The inside of the Tail Rider is much bigger than the outside leads to believe. It’s actually taller than most beverage cans and there’s a divider to keep items from moving.

Click to enlarge

Internal divider
There’s an internal divider attached with velcros®. More than a gizmo, it helps separate cold from hot items as it is insulated just like the rest of the bag.

Click to enlarge

Removable divider
If what you carry needs a bigger, all encompassing volume, just remove the divider. It’s so simple¡ leave it in the Tail Rider for the next time you need it.

Click to enlarge

Multiple mesh pockets
The inside of the Tail Rider is an organizer’s dream. Every side of the bag has multiple mesh pockets, even the divider has one! It helps a lot in keeping small items from jumping and bouncing all around.

Click to enlarge

Wide and long
The Tail Rider is wider and longer than most trunk bag, allowing to put a lot of items side-by side instead of stacked all over the other – who likes a pressed-to-a-pulp sandwich?

Click to enlarge

Will always take that “one more” item
Even when it seems full, the Tail Rider can accept more. Just by looking at that picture you’d believe that there’s no way to close the flap of the bag. Wrong – it will!

Click to enlarge

The bellow will expand
You can see the overstuffed jacket with al the rest inside the Tail Rider, and with that view you realize how easy it’ll be to close the zipper as the central bellow will expand. Why arkel was the first one to figure that out, it beats us.

Click to enlarge

Carry more outside
There are many ways to use the external compression straps, like for attaching a jacket, but the best we found so far is to carry extra water. You can also open the bellow an push the bottle inside the opening (look at the picture at the bottom of the main page). Very sleek.

Click to enlarge

Padding between the compartments
A not obvious trait of the design is that all pockets are separated by a foam insulated wall. It means that if you carry tools in the pocket it won’t damage your cell phone display inside the main compartment.

Click to enlarge

Abrasion resistant rubber bottom
The bottom sides are made of a highly abrasion resistant rubber, so if you like to hooks panniers on your rack the hooks will not wear through the Tail Rider fabric. That’s seeing forward.

Click to enlarge

Water proof zippers
All the zippers are top-of-the-line waterproof YKK’s®. The overall design is also very sleek and water shedding. Of course there’s an integrated rain cover, but even as it is the Tail Rider will easily shed rain for a few hours. No more panicking necessary.

Click to enlarge

* * * * * * *


Side panniers


Side panniers Racer


The Lowracer pair is the only one that doesn’t need a rack, it is fully suspended on the seat. A solution for recumbent that can’t take rack bags or seat bags. Available in 2 widths and 5 colours

Side panniers S


The Side Panniers Small is an economical alternative to the larger models. It has a content of 2 x 20 liters. It doesn’t have a foam back panel and is less useful for extended trips. It works well for shopping and commuting. Available in 2 widths and 5 colours

Side panniers M


The Side Panniers Medium have foam back panels and attachment loops for side pockets. The internal compression strap releases the strain on the zipper to provide easy opening and closing. The outside straps compress the pannier when it isn’t fully packed. These straps also keep the storm closure in place. They come with mesh pockets to store snacks or maps. Available in 2 widths and 5 colours

Side panniers L


The Side Panniers Large are most suitable for extended trips. The 70 liters of contents and the mesh pockets for maps or energy bars, leave little to desire. NB: Often too big for bikes with 2 x 20″ wheels. The medium model is more appropriate on these bikes. Available in 2 widths and 5 colours

* * * * * * *
Post Script: I liked the Arkel GT-54 panniers so much that I submitted a review on their website after my trip. Here is that review:

Customer Reviews

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Pannier for Life! Review by Steve Greene

During the fall of 2009, I set off from the coast of Oregon to Death Valley’s Badwater Basin on a solo journey riding my ICE Q trike. My main panniers were red Arkel GT-54s. I lived out of the 54s for 37 days, mostly primitive stealth camps each night. This was my first cross-country cycling trek. I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the Arkel GT-54 panniers. They performed flawlessly the entire trip, kept my possessions dry in the rain and snow, and certainly favorably accented the appearance of the trike. Each night, I would take them into my REI Arete tent with me, having learned from another trike tourer who had a squirrel eat a hole in his panniers at night. The 54s easily dismount from the rack frame with one hand, and the handles allowed for me to effortlessly carry both panniers at once. This came in handy for 3 unexpected motel stays, as I could carry them from the parking lot, along with other gear. Mounting is a snap, and once the cam mechanism is engaged, they stay firmly put behind my seat. The large metal zippers never caused the slightest problem, as zippers on other cheaper products often do. Even under the most adverse weather conditions, the zippers performed smoothly (I experienced rain, snow, ice, extreme winds up to 70 mph, dust and dirt storms, and triple digit heat). The fact that the main compartment zippers wrap fully around three sides of the panniers allowed me to access the entire contents when the pannier was laying flat on my tent floor, or just access from the top if I was out on the road. The GT-54s have many well-thought compartments all over, which allowed me to remain completely organized. I always knew where each item I needed was, and with the varied compartments so logical, I could access what I wanted easily and quickly, never having to worry about rummaging around through a bulk of other gear. Having used the 54s, I could never consider a common bag with just one large compartment where everything is contained together, making finding a certain item difficult. I am an extremely organized fellow, and these panniers simply make good sense to me! Even though the main compartments have waterproof liners, I also used the optional waterproof outside covers during my rain days, keeping even the outer Cordura fabric dry. They slip on quickly and easily, and their brilliant yellow color makes it easy for motorists to see me in darker rain conditions. At night, the GT-54s are very visible to any light source, as highly reflective material is sewn in key areas. For safety, this is unbeatable. For stealth camping, this feature is not the greatest, but simply covering the trike and panniers with a light camo cloth could easily take care of that. The top pockets have zippers that curve, which appeared somewhat odd to me prior to this trip. Having lived out of these panniers though for 37 days, I now appreciate the design. When zipped open, the contents of my wallet and other smaller gear inside could not inadvertently fall out. In fact, this principle holds true for all the compartments, because the zippers can be opened only a small amount, or all the way, and gear is still kept in place. The right rear sleeping pad and tent pole tube is a fantastic design aspect of the 54s, and it makes the panniers look very intriguing to boot. Stashing these awkward items in the tube is a snap, and they are always readily available. The dry sack that holds these items inside the tube assures that I always had a dry pad. Of course, with the outside rainproof cover I used, I had double the protection. In the small tube compartment on the rear left side pannier, I kept my Katadyne water purification bottle. It fit perfectly, just like a stove fuel source bottle would. I am an author, and I am writing about this trike journey, so I had to carry along a journal to take notes each day, and a digital camera. Because of the well-thought butterfly compartment on the right pannier, both of these items fit perfectly together there, and I could quickly access either for note and photo taking, especially handy when a person I met along the way would start sharing information that I knew I wanted in my story. And, like the other zipper and cover systems on these panniers, I could open it enough just to get what I needed. I like the way the upper cover also protected my paper notes and camera, even with the zipper partly opened. I could go on, yet suffice it to say that the Arkel GT-54 panniers are quite simply the best thought out system available in my opinion. At one time a few months prior to the trip, I considered the large compartment Ortlieb waterproof panniers, but having lived out of the Arkels for a month and a half, I am convinced I made the right choice! Knowing where everything is means a lot to me, and it was great to just go right to the specific compartment to retrieve an item, without having to sort through many other things to find it. You will not be disappointed by the Arkel line of products! I was so impressed with the 54s, that after the trip, I also purchased the Arkel TailRider for the top of my rear rack. I wish I had it on the trip, but better late than never. It now fits perfectly above and between my two GT-54s. The TailRider, with its compartments and well-thought design, sure beats the hard plastic, one-compartment, trunk I had before. Not only that, but the TailRider is insulated and padded to protect your gear, or keep it temperature controlled if necessary. When I have a product that far exceeds my expectations, I do not hesitate taking the time to let others know. This is the case with Arkel, a company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to long distance, cross country, trike and bike touring. They are also great people who respond well to emails and telephone calls. I hope this helps any folks out there who are contemplating going with the Arkel line of gear-carrying products. I have not been disappointed, and I think you will realized why if you acquire any Arkel product. They are first-rate, and go the distance! They are panniers for life. Sincerely, Steve Greene Oregon, USA ICE Qnt recumbent trike story of my trip: (a work in progress)

(Posted on 2/26/10)


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