Catrike 700 Rear Wheel

On our way to learning if Catrike 700 rear wheels flex under extreme speed, we can see that this trike pilot sure has a wonderful trike path on which to have fun!

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About Trike Hobo

steve greene is a naturalist, philosopher, and writer. He has authored two books about Death Valley National Park, three books about human powered recumbent tricycles, and one book about evolving beyond the self on the quest for inner peace. He has not owned a petroleum powered automobile since 2008, as part of his environmental preservation paradigm of living. Steve breathes pure air on North America's rugged Pacific coast. Steve is also a trike hobo, one whose passion is human powered travel, and the love of the journey. One who is free on three, no longer caught in the web of capitalism and time. One who is at peace with nature and life.
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One Response to Catrike 700 Rear Wheel

  1. Gary W. Bunting says:

    Well..I watched the video 3 times and the pilot got the trike really moving, but only a couple of times in his highest cog (don’t know what chainring he was in, but he was certainly spinning pretty fast at times and covering long I would suppose he was stressing his gear pretty good).

    I would say that this test was most certainly conclusive in that the wheel showed no indication of warping or flexing at any time, during any speed and under all application of road stress. Other than simulating the stresses on static test equipment, I don’t know what other kind of conclusion you could draw.


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